Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I spent Christmas Eve with Addam and his family, and it was fun. I liked it because it was mellow, and it was nice seeing everyone again. Portland to Salem is about an hour drive, but during the holiday season... it can take longer, if you can get my drift.

Addam and I were the first to arrive at Loni, Don and Lori's place. Eventually more people arrived, and there were so much food! I was literally stuffed, but satisfied. I didn't have any room for dessert afterwards, but I thought that looking at it might help trick me into thinking I still have room. But no, it didn't work.

We spent a majority of our time eating and opening gifts, and it was so great seeing the little girls, Thea, Tevy and Kamryn open their gifts (well, Alyn, Addam's sister, helped Kamryn with hers because she's just 1 and she's more interested in glittery, shiny things).

(L to R: Alyn, Kamryn, Tevy & Thea)
 Addam and my gifts combined, unopened. Awesome!
I decided I wanted to have my dog be in my gift box, because she's an awesome gift. 
The best thing about sales after Christmas, is how cheap the peppermint candycanes get! They're usually $.99 - $1.99, but when they're on sale, they're $.49! Ohhh yeah! So I'm getting ready to hit most stores that sell them, 'cause I love munching on them on my down time!

Happy holidays everyone! Wishing everyone has a wonderful, joyous time during the winter season, and may the new year bring you much improvement as well as everything you wish to accomplish.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Class 2 Comes to an End!

Class 2 comes to an end today. I'm feeling under the weather, because I didn't do too well this term. I didn't pass, but Dave told me that he highly recommends (and really hopes) that I retake class 2 over again, because it's okay to fail, and I'll get better in the long run. 

I'm sure not a lot of people taking failure pretty well the first time, but in honest truth, I was frustrated, and simply in the verge of giving up. But, through tears, and pure need to accomplish the things I've set down for myself, I just told myself, it's no big deal. Doing it again will only better my animation, and if I fear failing too much, I won't learn anything, and won't take criticism well. So, I will move forward with a smile, and try much harder - or at least gain from the experience.

Here's my progress reel from class 2 & 1.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

AM Assignment 11: Adding the Final 10%

Well here it is. My polishing stage of the running and jumping over a series of hurdles. What I learned from this towards the end, was how to better shape the graph editor to create the correct action from the splines.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

AM Assignment 10: Walk-Through a Shot

I played around more with my timing, and the additional poses helped out a lot this week for STU's run and his jumps over the hurdles. I'm feeling more confident, and most of this was just playing around in the graph editor to build up my lack of confidence. More work, and pretty much the last final time before deadline.