Thursday, March 31, 2011

Class 3 Starts!

I can't believe I thought that Animation Mentor gave their students Spring break off! Wooooow! Apparently we don't get a break, which is fine, but I really thought that we were going to 'have' one. Oh well, back on track. 

After finishing up my last class with Leigh Rens, I am now assigned to have Dave Vallone as my next mentor! He is AWESOME! (I'll probably be saying that to all my AM mentors), but hey, for now, Dave has his own separate blog page, on how much I think he's awesome. It's a full class, so Q&A took a bit of an extra hour to finish, but I just loved how much time, and care he took in each of his students so he could get to know each, and every one of us. He wanted to know about why we decided to go to AM, and what (in our opinions) are our strengths and weaknesses.

When I was cam, I was amazed at how our animation talk led to Vietnamese foods, and it started making the whole class hungry by the end of it. He had so much advice as well as knowledgeable to share, and I just want more!

Here's an AM newsletter interview they had with him. I am stoked!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Apologies for the Long Absence!

Hi Everyone!

I know I might not have a lot of consistent visitors to my blog, but this is my own personal apology post on the long absence of not posting anything for the last two months..? Anyways, I was out of the country for almost two months, visiting family- and I cannot take internet for granted anymore...

Well, I am hoping on coming back with lots of posts in a few short days!