Sunday, April 3, 2011

AM Assignment 1: An Introduction to Staging and Composition

This class is going to be a very fascinating experience by the way the look of the class syllabus. I've decided to do an "Anim Jam", which is based off a theme (of my choice). I went for a Stewie in boot camp theme, and decided to call it "Stewie goes to Boot Camp"

Here's my introductory theme of Stewie in his costume, and initial props- along with the overall breakdown of my three shots that I'll be working on this term:

You can never go wrong with a reference video- that is why I had my fiancĂ© Addam volunteer himself and his time to act out my first animation shot: (thanks Addam!)


Here's my sketch of my planning poses for how I will execute my animation:

Off to blocking I go!